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Looking for a truly Professional massage experience?

Do you need muscle rehabilitation or treatment for minor muscle injuries? Turn to Moon SPA. We are the best place to visit when it comes to reducing muscle tensions and refreshing your vibes.

Benefits of Moon SPA
Preparation for your appointment

Moon SPA supports an evidence informed approach to massage therapy. Our massage therapists use an integrated and intuitive approach during your massage session to help achieve these benefits.


Research supports the following benefits:

• Stress Reduction • Pain Management • Alleviate low back pain and improves range of motion • Supports immune function • Helps athletes of any level prepare for and recover from strenuous workouts • Reduces stiffness and supports flexibility • Minimizes symptoms of mild depression and anxiety • May reduce scar tissue density • Supports recovery of injured, tired, and overused muscles • Soothes the nervous system. • May enhance availability of “feel good” neuro-transmitters • Relieves tension headaches • May support normal fluid movement in the body


“Moon SPA is the best! They are very professional and skilled. They are busy but worth the wait.”

N. Donovan

“Got me in the same day which was much needed and the therapist was great. Concentrated exactly where I needed. Will be back!”

K. Linn

“Awesome! Great price for what you get. No hidden costs or pressure. The rooms are nice and casual. Nothing too fancy but definitely just what you need, relaxing, friendly service and affordable!”

A. Bernstein  

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